Customer journey analysis

Customer journey analysis helps organisations see their services from the customer perspective, thereby enabling improved customer experience and service efficiency.


You service is not the centre of the customer's universe, but sometimes an internally focused organisation can appear as if it believed this was so.  Customers arrive at the point of engagement with their own mindset, with fears, hopes expectations and misunderstandings based on previous experiences and hearsay.  Organisations can assume too much familiarity, and processes are often designed with rigorous logic based on "typical scenarios", thereby underestimating less typical circumstances and the emotional aspects of customer engagement.


Customer journey analysis begins with a scoping stage with managers and front-line staff reviewing the service process and agreeing evaluation criteria.  We then interview a diverse range of customers in-depth, to understand real-life experience, in order to….. 


  • Identify the preconceptions that customers have
  • Identify different types of customers and mindsets (segments)
  • Identify the key points of engagement
  • Find out which points are positive/negative/neutral experiences
  • Reveal which points drive the quality of experience, i.e. which are the most important negatives and positives, and what improvements can be made to these to drive the biggest improvements in overall customer experience - producing the best return on investment


In some circumstances we also recommend conducting research with front-line staff, since they are "reservoirs of knowledge" about the customer experience.

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