Researching the "hard to reach"

Many social research projects face the challenge of reaching what is sometimes called the "hard to reach", or alternatively the "hard to hear", the "disengaged" or "marginalised" sections of the community. In fact, once identified and engaged, we regularly find that such communities are very welcoming of those who come to listen to their views.


We have very strong experience of delivering research projects with many such groups, including disabled people, carers, black and minority ethnic groups, people in the unofficial economy, the homeless, "health minorities" and the gay/LGBT community.


We can use various techniques to identify and access the target community, including "piggybacking", "snowballing", social media, collaboration with intermediaries, mass screening and on-site engagement. We then emphasise the importance of building trust and rapport, in order to encourage honesty and openness.


GK Research specialises in reaching an engaging with marginalised communities.


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