Stakeholder evaluation

All organisations have stakeholders - individuals, or more typically bodies with a significant interest in the organisation, and considerable ability to influence public perceptions.  One of the biggest challenges that management faces, is balancing the requirements of different stakeholders, each of whom views the organisation from a unique perspective. 


Whether they be representatives of customers, local residents, staff, partner organisations, political or lobby groups, it is important to understand what these highly influential people are thinking and saying about your organisation. 


Some stakeholders will be vociferous, but important subtleties can be missed beneath the "headline issues".  Other stakeholders will be quieter, but this does not necessarily mean that they are happy.  To complicate matters further, stakeholders will not always be keen to reveal their true opinions in public and "political" situations.


Stakeholder evaluation research can help by providing the opportunity for stakeholders to express their views in a discreet, confidential environment, to an independent researcher.  The researcher can get beneath the "headline issues", probing the underlying motives, exploring potential solutions, and engaging stakeholders with the more mundane but important details of policy and service delivery.


Each stakeholder evaluation project is different, and brings unique challenges around sampling, data collection, interpretation and ethics. GK Research can advise you on all aspects at this complex but crucial process.


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